• How can i reserve the spirit Rock?

    • Reservations MUST be made to paint the rock.
    • Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Reservations can be made in the school office but please do not call them in.
    • This is a 5th grade fundraiser, so the cost to paint the rock is $10.00.
    • Reservations must be made by a parent or teacher on behalf of a student or student group.
    • Only one person per day may reserve the rock…no consecutive days.
    • Once reserved, you will have the rock for 24 hours, from 3pm the day before to 3pm on the day of your reservation. (For example, if you reserve the rock for November 6th, you will have the rock from 3pm on November 5th through 3pm on November 6th.)
    • All rules as outlined in the CMS Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Character Development Handbook and Code of Student Conduct must be obeyed! (NO bullying, profanity, obscenity, or derogatory language.)
    • Please fill out reservation slip with your payment of $10.00 made out to McAlpine PTA.
    • Please write Spirit Rock on the memo line of your check.
  • how can i recognize my child's birthday at school?

    For just a $5 donation that goes toward the 5th grade DC fund, you can have a “Birthday Shout Out” on Eagle Extra (school-wide morning news program) the morning of their birthday.


    McAlpine Elementary PTA Birthday Shout Outs on Eagle Extra Guidelines

    • Sign up on the calendar in the office (include child’s first and last name, grade and/or teacher’s name and age turning if you wish).
    • Reservations must be made by a parent.
    • $5 donation, cash or check made out to McAlpine Elementary PTA (Funds will go to help the 5th graders pay for their Washington DC field trip).
    • Birthday Shout Outs must be signed up and paid for by Friday the week before their birthday to be announced – no exceptions. The Eagle Extra Crew will be pulling the calendar for the week and we cannot ensure birthdays will be mentioned if not done by the Friday before. For example, if your child’s birthday is Thursday, October 20 you must sign up and pay by Friday, October 14.
    • No special messages will be announced, just a standard birthday “shout out” used for everyone .
    • More than 1 child can be mentioned on 1 day, so feel free to sign up even if someone else has signed up for the same day.
    • If your child’s birthday is over the weekend or on a school holiday, you may sign up on the school day that is closest to their birthday to receive the “shout out”.
  • How do i volunteer?

    CMS requires that ALL volunteers register and get approved by the school system in order to be a volunteer at any CMS school. The process is quite simple and takes just a few minutes of your time. Please make sure to add McAlpine Elementary to your volunteer school list. In order to register, please go to www.cmsvolunteers.com. Click the new volunteers tab and follow the instructions. If you were registered last year, you do not need to register again.


    There are many different types of volunteer positions available with the McAlpine PTA! Whether you have a few hours per week or a few hours per year, we have many opportunities for you to contribute. Click the link below to view the volunteer form. to see a list of committees where you can share your time and talents this year. If you are interested in learning more, contact Syndee Lee, PTA President, at saleedsn@aol.com or Vicky Shannon, VP of Volunteers, at vshannon4@gmail.com. Click here for more information about


    Check with your child's teacher and room parent for additional classroom volunteer opportunities during the year.



  • how do i get in touch with staff & teachers?

    Contact information for McAlpine's staff and teachers can be found on the CMS Website for McAlpine Elementary.



  • are donations tax deductible

    All donations are tax deductible. Remember to double your donation with your Company Matching Program. Thank you for supporting our school!


    All students are selected as a member of one of the four new ‘houses’at the start of their first year at McAlpine. Each house has students from all grades in it. The houses work as teams and families throughout the year, trying to gain points through following rules and showing strong character. The house with the most points at the end of each month will be awarded the ‘House Cup’. The house model increases student accountability as each child’s personal success is transformed into the collective achievement of a shared goal.


    House shirts can be purchased from the school office.


    The Mighty McAlpine Eagle

    ​There once lived a great and mighty eagle that soared through the sky and watched over all the animals of the land and the sea. The eagle was the wisest of all the animals, as he saw them and learned from their mistakes as well as their strengths. From the lions he learned leadership, from the ants: teamwork, the dogs: friendship, the sloths: patience, the elephants: loyalty, the penguins: perseverance, and, from the albatrosses, he learned love.

    Then, one day, the eagle discovered an abandoned nest upon a cliff. In the nest, lay four golden eggs, unlike any he had seen before. The eagle watched over the eggs, day and night, for weeks until finally, they began to hatch. He stood, astonished, as four strong eaglets emerged. Immediately, an obligation weighed on the wise eagle’s heart. Understanding he wouldn’t live forever, he knew he must pass on all he had learned to the eaglets so that one day they could watch over Earth's creatures.

    He named the eaglets and taught them each to be a leader in their own rite. He instilled in each of them one trait of spirit and character that, when united, would make their might infinite.

    To Fadhila, he taught virtue. Fadhila led with moral excellence. He showed ethic to all he ruled, persevered until excellence was achieved, and was brave in his ambition to encourage others to strive for greatness.

    To Hashiki, he taught passion. Hashiki lived life to the fullest, never holding onto regrets. He encouraged those he met to lead with an intense fire in their hearts, and to put all of themselves into work that they felt was truly important.

    He taught Ruya to dream. Ruya led life by the motto "no dream is too big." His creativity was infectious to those he met, and he spent his life encouraging others to makes their dreams a reality, no matter how grand.

    To Heshima, he taught honor. Heshima led with respect for all creatures, and the courage to stand up for what he believed in. He spent his life lifting up the spirits of those he met along the way, and encouraging them to reach their fullest potential.

    Now, the eagles rule over the four corners of the earth. The strength of each is immense, but together what they achieve is limitless and their hearts know no boundaries.


    Fadhila led with moral excellence.  He showed ethic to all he ruled, persevered until excellence was achieved, and was brave in his ambition to encourage others to strive for greatness.

    Heshima led with respect for all creatures, and the courage to stand up for what he believed in. He spent his life lifting up the spirits.

    Hashiki lived life to the fullest, never holding onto regrets. He encouraged those he met to lead with an intense fire in their hearts, and to put all of themselves into work that they felt was truly important.

    Ruya to dream. Ruya led life by the motto "no dream is too big."  His creativity was infectious to those he met, and he spent his life encouraging others to makes their dreams a reality, no matter how grand.

  • How do I contribute pictures to be considered for the McAlpine Yearbook?

     If you would like to email pictures that you have taken of school events, you can email them here. yearbookmcalpine@gmail.com

  • How do I create an account with Pay4SchoolStuff?

    To Create A New Account:

    1. Open your internet browser and go to www.Pay4SchoolStuff.com or www.p4ss.com.
    2. Pay4SchoolStuff uses pop-up windows to display forms and other information. Allow pop-up windows for this site.
    3. If using a mobile device, use the Google Chrome internet browser to access the site.
    4. Click on the orange "Login" button on the top left hand menu bar.
    5. Click on "Create Parent Account" at the bottom of the screen.
    6. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Your Email Address will be used as your login/User ID.
    7. Enter and re-enter a Password of your choosing.
    8. Enter your Phone Number and Address.
    9. Read and agree to the Terms of Use, then click "Next" on the bottom of the page.
    10. Enter the First Name and Last Name of your student. Your school may require entry of the Student ID. If you do not have a student at the school, you may self-register by entering your own name, and selecting "Adult" under grade. If you are registering your child for an item or event at another school, create a new account for your child at that school. If your child changes schools, add them as a new student to the new school.
    11. Select the school by specifying the State, County, and School Name from the drop-down lists.
    12. Select your students’ grade. This grade must be updated each year under Parent Services/Your Students/Edit. DO NOT CLICK "DELETE’ WHEN YOUR CHILD CHANGES SCHOOLS (as this will remove him from the database and will prevent paying for this student.
    13. Choose your child’s Teacher Name (if school requires it) from the dropdown list.
    14. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. To add another student, simply repeat steps 9-14.


"Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our school!"

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